Having an estate plan is an essential tool in your “Family Toolbox” to help ensure your loved ones will be taken care after you’re gone.   Many people believe an estate plan is a static document and, once in place, will fully and accurately express your desires.   The only problem is that things change and your plan should be adjusted to properly represent and protect your interests and those of your heirs.
It is important to review and possibly update your plan every three to five years and when you experience any life-changing event, such as:
·       Death of your spouse,
·       Birth or death of a beneficiary or fiduciary,
·       Divorce or remarriage of you or your beneficiaries,
·       Change in your financial circumstances, including real estate and investment holdings,
·       Purchasing or selling a business,
·       Moving to another state or country,
·       You, your spouse or a beneficiary becoming physically or intellectually disabled, and
·       Changes in tax or estate laws.

When you would like to review your estate plan, regardless of who originally created it, contact Terri Hilliard at 805-201-2552 or e-mail thilliard@terrihilliard.com for a complimentary consultation.