Every day, as an estate, elder care, and special needs attorney, I work with families dealing with any number of senior adult issues, including asset protection, elder abuse, medical and long-term care,  housing, and much more.  Some 78 million Baby Boomers are moving into the senior population, which is having a significant impact on our communities and our collective resources.

As a board member of Thousand Oaks-based non-profit Senior Concerns, I know first-hand there is much being done to prepare for and nurture seniors.  We must keep pace with the growth of this largest age group.

Senior Concerns President Andrea Gallagher, says, “Getting older is a relatively new phenomenon. Two-thirds of all the people who ever lived over the age of 65 are still alive today.  A hundred years ago, the average age span was thirty years younger than today.

“It is a new world for the aging which comes with challenges and opportunities.  The decisions seniors and family caregivers need to make are much more complex and they need and want to be guided by objective experts.  That is why Senior Concerns is so important to the community.

We were pleased to learn that our efforts have been recognized as Assembly District 44’s Non-Profit of the Year.  State Assembly Member and former Thousand Oaks Mayor Jacqui Irwin just made the announcement for her District, which we greatly appreciate since it helps bring more attention to the important role played by organizations such as ours.

Senior Concerns was founded in 1975, serving eastern Ventura County and western Los Angeles County. The organization offers a wide range of programs designed to provide a positive aging experience for all adults and family caregivers.  The unique Adult Day Program and Meals on Wheels provide low-cost and scholarship options to better serve those in need.  We also conduct workshops, form support groups, and offer pro bono financial and legal aid to seniors and their caregivers.

Even with these kinds of programs, there is much more to be done, as we are all getting older and may need assistance and advocacy in the future.  Your volunteerism and donations can and do have a tremendous impact on the support that can be provided to those who need help most.

When someone says they are having a “senior moment,” let it mean he or she is taking the time to give back to their community in the aid of our elder neighbors.  Check out the wonderful programs being offered through and supported by Senior Concerns. For more information, call 805-497-0189 or go online to the Senior Concerns website.

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