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Securing Your Documents, Securing Your Wishes

Posted on: February 7th, 2017
While we’re alive, we gather a library full of paperwork and access codes relating to such things as insurance policies, bank records, taxes, digital accounts, medical reports, personal property, and real estate and other assets.  Protecting this kind of information is very important, but, surprisingly, many people forget to properly manage their documents and digital assets.

Estate planning attorney - secure documents
You want your records and documents safe from fire and other disasters, but you also want to protect yourself from misuse of your data and directives, including identity theft and, in later years, elder abuse.  At the same time, your legal, financial and other information should also be easily accessible when you need it and when your loved ones must have access to it, if you are not able to handle your own affairs and upon your passing.
At our offices, we provide a safe and effective program that uses bank-level security measures to keep your documents safe, but also accessible to you 24/7.  We give families such as yours peace of mind in knowing their assets and wishes will be well cared for during and after their lifetimes.
Ask us about our secure program. Give us a call at (805) 201-2552 or e-mail thilliard@terrihilliard.com.  
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