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How Will You Be Remembered When You’re Gone?

Posted on: June 16th, 2016
We are all here on Earth for a relatively short period of time and many of us would like to think we made a difference during our lives.  We may even want to leave something behind for our loved ones or others as a remembrance of our existence.

What we’re talking about is a legacy for those left behind.  The most obvious is, of course, leaving an inheritance to your survivors.  However, a legacy can be as simple as creating a photo album, music collection or CD/DVD of pictures or videos highlighting your life and documenting memories cherished by your friends and family. 

In some cases, you may wish to make a contribution in your name to a favorite non-profit, charity or institution. If assets allow, you could structure a charitable or philanthropic and endowment foundation or trust to provide ongoing distributions to those you choose. 

For example, my non-profit favorites are where I serve as a Board member, such as Pause for Kids (scholarships for children with Special Needs) and Senior Concerns (meal programs, frail and memory daycare, senior advocacy, and legal and financial pro bono programs). I want these organizations to be there for me and my family, when we need them.  What lights you up?

I also ask my clients to give to their family and charities, while they are alive so they can share why they give, see the effects, and hear the “Thank you.”

Regardless of your wealth or the size of your estate, it is important to plan for whatever you may be giving to those left behind.  What you do today with your heart and your time can also reflect the lasting nature of your gifts.  However “you” define your legacy, be sure to document your wishes so there is no misunderstanding in how you want your estate handled and how you will be remembered for years or generations to come.

Call Terri Hilliard at 805-201-2552 or e-mail thilliard@terrihilliard.com to plan your legacy.  
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