“My Darkest Years” — A Memoir

Lecture & Book Signing with Holocaust Survivor James Bachner: April 25, 2018 at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library James Bachner is an amazing man with a compelling life story. He was born in Berlin in 1922, and as a German Jew he was destined to live through some of the unimaginable experiences of the Third Reich. As he grew up he witnessed the transformation of his homeland as the Nazis came to power. Bachner’s journey led him to confront the reality of life in a concentration camp. But his is also a story of courage and strength that is inspiring to all. He has vividly chronicled his experience in My Darkest Years: Memoirs of a Survivor of Auschwitz, Warsaw and Dachau. This April 25, Mr. Bachner will appear at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library for a lecture and book signing. I invite you to come hear this captivating story told by an incredible man. It is also appropriate that he will appear at the Reagan Library, because it was President Reagan who said, “…even a tortured past holds promise if we learn its lessons… it is up to us to ensure that we never live it again.” For more information about the lecture, visit the Reagan Library website.

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