Who is Caring for the Caregivers?

Terri Hilliard, PC is a proud Bronze Sponsor of Senior Concerns’ “Caregiver Recognition Day.” As we age, most of us will need some assistance along the way. Whether it’s help with grocery shopping, transportation, cooking, cleaning, managing medications, banking, and myriad other tasks, caretakers are important aides to many as they grow older. While caregiving can be very rewarding, it is also often challenging and even exhausting for the individual or family providing the needed support. Frankly, many caregivers can sometimes become overwhelmed with their responsibilities. Some may even deny their own health, socialization and other needs in favor of those whom they are helping. So, who takes care of the caregivers? Who gives them the emotional, physical and even financial support to carry on? In the Conejo Valley, a major resource is Senior Concerns, which offers a complete program of support for family caregivers. The non-profit organization provides information and guidance, group interaction, consultations, education and training classes, advocacy, and financial and legal aid. Senior Concerns even offers daily Meals on Wheels services and options that allow caretakers to take needed breaks from taxing care schedules. If you or someone you know is a caregiver, find out more. Come to Senior Concerns’ “Caregiver Recognition Day.” This special event is designed to: “Share your story. Embrace your fears. Renew your spirit.” Join us Friday, March 15 from 9:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. at Los Robles Greens, 299 Moorpark Road, Thousand Oaks. Admission is FREE with advance reservations. Register online at www.seniorconcerns.org or call 805-497-0189. Even if you can’t attend, if you need help and guidance, contact Senior Concerns’ Caregiver Support Center at 855.318.5921 or email caregiversupport@seniorconcerns.org. Caring for someone requires physical and emotional energy, financial resources, a great deal of time, and a careful, thoughtful plan. When I can help you with your future caregiving needs and/or for those of your family, contact me at 805-201-2552 or e-mail clientcare@terrihilliard.com. P.S. The special guest for the Caregiver Recognition Day is broadcaster and comedian Fritz Coleman. He’ll bring a smile to your face and give you a nice break. Remember, you don’t have to do it all alone!

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