On Our Own – Senior Planning Strategies

The earthquakes, fires, floods and emergencies force the Southern Californian to ask vital questions such as: What is Your Plan? Who are “your people?” Where will you go? Local attorney Terri Hilliard recalls the phone calls she received during the fires. “We had clients living in their cars for days during the recent evacuations without a plan or place to go. A good plan simply means having a plan and that’s why education and preparation is part of my personal and legal approach.” Feeling cut off from the world around you can be devastating. Baby Boomers born 1946 to 1964 are reaching to totals of over 70 million. They tend to live alone more often. This huge population has experienced higher divorce rates and lower number of children than any other generation, leaving many Boomers home and alone.
Robert Lewin
Robert Lewin presenting at the Terri Hilliard, PC May seminar
Recently, Robert Lewin, Principal, Resolute Associates and former Director of the Santa Barbara County Office of Emergency Management, presented to seniors during the Terri Talks Seminar Series in Westlake Village, CA about emergency options and concerns with safety. Lewin relies on checklists and information for individuals, families and businesses as he continues to witness the startling observations of earthquakes and fires. “We have taken our collective 70 years of experience to build and implement emergency preparedness to minimize the impact and loss,” Lewin reports. You don’t have to go it alone, if you plan well. Be aware of the local seminars and federal resources such as FEMA to provide the information for preparedness. Residents are encouraged to register at vc.alert.org for alerts and notifications and specific Information For Older Americans is located at www.ready.gov. Some seniors combat issues by seeking out senior communities or assisted living facilities that provide the comfort and support they need all in one place for concerns with housing, finances, healthcare, transportation, mobility, emergency assistance, social interaction and staying active. According to Hilliard, “We are hyper focused on providing state of the art information to our clients. For the past few years, I dedicated my resources to educating our community. Since January 2019, I hosted hot topics with seminars to address how to create a legal and financial plans for a caregiver, where to find a home for aging parents, healthy aging and technology, adapting the home for an aging senior and how to interpret tax laws and legal steps to consider with Alzheimer’s diagnosis.” For more information on 2019 Top Topics and seminar information, or if you have questions, contact Terri Hilliard PC at 805-201-2552 or e-mail clientcare@terrihilliard.com. References and Checklists FEMA Resource for Older Americans FEMA Family Emergency Plan FEMA Info for Pet Owners Ventura County Alert Brochure

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