Addressing Concerns with Coronavirus & Flu Season

Sensible Precautions

As reports of the potentially life-threatening COVID-19 virus, aka coronavirus, populate the airwaves, television news and social media feeds, our local community is understandably highly aware and concerned with how to avoid contamination while going about their daily lives. While many experts warn that fear of the virus may cause more damage than the virus itself, Terri Hilliard PC is committed to taking precautions to minimize the spread of germs such as coronavirus and to remain healthy. A woman sneezing Globally, coronavirus virus has infected nearly 78,000 people in 29 countries and more than 2,300 of those infected have died as a result, according to The Tri County Sentry newspaper. Last week, a federal judge issued a temporary restraining order to halt the transportation of anyone who tested positive for coronavirus in Orange County, California. “All patients should be treated humanely and with the best medical care available. The first priority must be to contain coronavirus and make sure it doesn’t jump into the local population,” states Terri Hilliard, principal attorney at Terri Hilliard, PC. “The senior population becomes even more vulnerable with fear of the news, and that’s why we are always accessible using technology.” Terri Hilliard, PC implements best practices and tools to maintain the highest quality of care and consultation and immediately addresses concerns. For example, technologies available for remote access include ZOOM video conferencing, a proprietary client portal encrypted software, and a multi-caller conference line, allowing open communication and information without risking the population. “Some of Terri’s clients prefer traditional methods to transfer documents such as USPS mail and face-to-face meeting, which we accommodate,” states Vanessa Brintrup, Administrative Coordinator at Terri Hilliard, PC. “Many of our clients prefer the personal nature of an in-person interaction, which is understandable when dealing with estate planning, elder law and special needs trusts. Other clients appreciate the ease of use by gaining secure access with technology.” “Our professional staff is trained with the basics, such as washing hands and staying home when feeling ill,” Hilliard says. “My team is great, and on a daily basis, we sanitize keyboards, phones, door and chair handles, tables, bathroom keys, and frequently shared daily surfaces. We switched from traditional ceramic plate ware and cutlery and now opt for compostable, single-use items. It saves water and eliminates the chances of something not being washed properly, therefore potentially not sharing germs.” With the help of our clients and staff, we can minimize the daily concerns and risk of exposure to illness and maintain peace of mind. “Perhaps the most important thing to focus on is with the medical experts who remind us this virus is manageable and we should avoid fear-based thinking,” says Hilliard.

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