National Healthcare Decisions Day

When COVID-19 hit, and with the daily onslaught of coronavirus news that’s permeating every waking moment, it’s evident that our healthcare is a number one priority. Oddly, many people have not yet laid out personal healthcare plans detailing their desires and needs in the event of illness or accidents that could incapacitate them. April 16 is National Healthcare Decisions Day to bring about awareness of the need for everyone to have healthcare documents in place. Continue reading

How To Celebrate With Online Services

For many people, Passover and Easter week are an especially difficult time to “shelter in place.” My heart goes out to all those who will miss the joy of worshipping with their spiritual families. If you belong to a congregation, you are probably already checking to see if they will be conducting online services. If you do not belong to a congregation, here are some local churches and temples that are conducting services online.

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