Terri Hilliard, PC Team Up To Full Strength

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College Students Shouldn’t Leave Home Without Them.

Ah, fall is upon us, although it’s hard to imagine with 90-plus degree temperatures in Southern California these days. Nonetheless, the leaves will be changing and our college-bound students are beginning new school years. While your kids may have packed up their clothes and other necessary items for this new phase in their life journeys, have you taken the important and necessary steps to protect them along the way? When a child reaches 18 years of age, he or she is legally considered an adult, presumably, able to make their own decisions about their health care and finances. Continue reading

Urgent! VA Benefits Rule Change

On September 18, the Veterans Administration (VA) published new rules that make it more difficult to qualify for this important benefit. For example, any gifts made in the past 36 months, either to a family member or to an irrevocable trust, would be penalized. Likewise, an investment in an annuity would also be penalized. This means a Veteran or surviving spouse could be prohibited from qualifying for VA pension benefits for up to 5 years, depending on the amount of the gift or transfer. There are other requirements to the new rules, but the above are the most impactful to any wartime Veteran or surviving spouse wishing to pursue these benefits and receive a monthly cash benefit to help with care costs. Continue reading

Terri Hilliard PC – “Trailblazer”

Hello Friends: I’m so honored to let you know that the San Fernando Valley Business Journal just awarded us — and I say “us” because we truly are a team here — a second “Trailblazer” award in a row. This wonderful recognition came at the Journal’s “Trusted Advisors” awards ceremonies Continue reading

Giving the Gift of Life After Life – It’s a Choice

Many people with estate plans detail how they want any of their assets distributed after they die. In general, most designate any remaining funds, real estate, and other valuables to beneficiaries, which may include relatives, friends, institutions or other organizations. Continue reading

What’s Scarier Than Freddie Kruger on Elm Street? Identity Theft

The Community Link, a newspaper serving eastern Ventura County, published “Securing Your Documents and Electronic Assets, Securing Your Wishes” in the October 2017 issue. The article is published in its entirety below, or see Community Link, and scroll through to page 11. We hear Continue reading