Elder & Long Term Care

Terri Hilliard, PC understands the high cost of long-term care and the burden that it has placed on seniors and their families. Because of that, we have created a unique process to help families with their long-term care and Medi-Cal planning. Terri Hilliard, PC stands by your side to plan for, and work through devastating life-altering events, treating every circumstance personally and with the utmost respect and care.

We have the expertise and insight to be able to assist families with long-term care planning before crisis situations arise. Now, more than ever, preparing for comfortable eldercare, retirement and special needs planning is something that is crucial to achieving the best future for you and your family.

Because the average cost of nursing home care is $96,000 per year, families need to begin planning now to avoid financial ruin in the future. We can help. Terri Hilliard, PC takes every step to ensure your family is cared for properly and to make sure your decisions are carried out appropriately. Our passion is creating plans that secure the best futures for families before; during and after special needs, crisis management, eldercare and long-term care transitions occur.

In addition, Terri Hilliard, PC has significant experience with Veterans Benefits and Special Needs Trust planning. If you are concerned about your own long-term care, or the health of your family, contact the attorneys at Terri Hilliard, PC today for a complimentary consultation.