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Strategic Planning

At Terri Hilliard PC, we believe that optimal estate planning results from a holistic, strategic perspective that encompasses lifetime personal and business direction. Too often, we find that our clients have neglected to develop clarity or to consider family compatibility in long-term goals and objectives – i.e. what it will take and/or the timelines to reach those goals – along with reality-based strategies and tactics for getting there.  And, too often, their professional advisors fail to develop, much less coordinate, those strategies.

Our unique approach incorporates your important personal and business objectives, ensuring that these critical factors are identified, realistically balanced, and structured for your ongoing protection. We focus on cohesiveness, interconnectedness, and potential and risks from critical arenas, including:

•  Revenue and retirement forecasting
•  Business continuity and succession planning
•  Income and estate tax planning
•  Insurance and risk protection
•  Wealth management and asset protection
•  Modern family dynamics

Additionally, when appropriate, we also provide facilitation and mediation services for families or business teams – either in developing consensus strategies or when disputed issues risk impacting interpersonal relationships which, if not managed effectively, can lead to estrangement and/or litigation.

Dennis Duitch Bio Photo

Dennis Duitch, CPA 

Dennis Duitch, CPA, Financial/Tax Consultant and Mediator, serves as our Director of Strategic Planning Services with over 30 years of experience in personal and business guidance for a broad spectrum of high-income/high-wealth individuals and families, partnerships and closely-held businesses, including protective lifetime and estate plans.

With credentials including an MBA degree from Northwestern University and certificates of specialty in Business Appraisal and Mediation, Dennis provides pragmatic counsel in direction and strategic planning, formation and forecasting, infrastructure development, continuity and succession/exit programs.  He is a Certified Estate Advisor and Mediator for matters including partner/shareholder disputes, divorce property settlement, dysfunctional families and corporate boards, and has served in executive officer/board roles for public, private and not-for-profit organizations.  After serving with a national CPA firm, he founded Duitch & Franklin LLP, which evolved into one of California’s largest independent professional firms, which was later acquired by a public company.

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